Interesting Developments

Having been so overwhelmed by various experiences, it’s been difficult to keep a steady blog. However, I am randomly motivated and thus feel compelled to express. It’s a rare feeling; almost obliging.

I’m definitely not the same person I was a year ago. Difficulties in finding certain similarities–easy to find others. Constantly changing world views aren’t easy to process, but internalizing and isolating oneself allows the time it takes to bring it all into some sort of order.

Things happen in life. You meet people, you say hi, you go. Life’s a bit like a train sometimes. Train, or a subway. I’m lucky in that I’ve met a few people in my home town who are really decent, and being with them, I can just concentrate on the various effects that different diets, supplements and activities affect my mental health.

Having said that, I can confirm that eating badly, not taking supplements and not exercising is terrible for me. It’s not always easy getting to a point at which you can do everything, especially if you feel like you’re just starting out in the world. But ultimately you have to do what is good for you. Now I know. Doing otherwise sucks. Let’s move on.

I’ve been isolating a few specific supplements, and I have some pretty interesting observations. I sleep much more deeply when I take tryptophan and theanine, even though neither makes me feel sleepy. I’ve been having to take diphenhydramine hydrochloride because of allergies, which has been obviously helping my insomnia, but I was waking up very early — 4am — and not getting back to sleep. Then I added the more healthy aspects of my sleep stack, and boom! much deeper, sounder sleep. But certain ones are more vital. I don’t want to publish more.

I’ve noticed which aspects of lifestyle, diet and exercise work well. I want to go one for another week, and then add glutamine again and see what happens. I made a lot of leaps and bounds in terms of social development when I did that last, and I’ve made more since then, albeit not as dramatically because I haven’t been consistent. But I have to be; so now I am.

Back to baseline; adding glutamine and other stuff will be interesting. Finding a suitable nootropic will be fun.

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