An MIT Researcher Explains a Potential Link Between Autism and Synergistic Poisoning from Aluminium and Glyphosate

This is an interesting theory.

This is a 2-hour lecture by Dr. Stephanie Seneff, and is immensely illuminating (apologies to Ungaretti).

The gist of it is that even though pesticides and substances like glyphosate and aluminium have been deemed “safe” on their own, some of these can be damaging to the brain when working in synergy, and are effectively poisoning our population — hence the enormous rise in cases of autism and Alzheimer’s in the U.S. and Canada (and the rest of the developed world).

I am active in the fight against the proliferation of pesticides and GMOs, and the increase in regulation of companies like Monsanto. Canadian health minister Rona Ambrose is doing no one any favours in the implementation of her current policies. She might be letting food and beauty product companies poison our population, and she might be getting paid for it by these same companies.

Stay classy, Rona. 

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